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Since the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs, I’ve observed protestors on our Tyler public streets and parks half a dozen times, carrying threatening and blasphemous signs.…

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Texas Heat Tutorial

Last summer, newcomers thought that maybe the rumors about Texas summers were exaggerated. But now, Texas is showing its true summer colors… triple-digit heat multiple days in a row, almost no rain, but still able to throw out some humidity…

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Mordor Is Come

The board is set… the pieces are moving. Like Sauron’s army spilling out of Mordor, Satan has come out in our lifetime. No longer dangling shiny objects in order to attract innocents, he is out in the open. …

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Roe Ground Zero

Once upon a time, the world was safer for children. We played outside without adults, invented games, solved our own disputes and everyone got home in time for supper. Day or night, we knew that we could (and did) knock…

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Mary’s Month

Our Beautiful Blessed Mother watches over her children and leads us to her Son. May this month dedicated to Our Lady lead you to a deeper relationship with her!

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We Want Your Story!

The East Texas Catholic community welcomes you and would love to know the story of how you landed in the Diocese of Tyler. We believe sharing your story will inspire others and will give God glory by sharing how He…

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Movie Review – Father Stu

I didn’t hate “Father Stu.” That’s a low bar for a movie, but there it is. Though it personally left me a little cold, I have to acknowledge the good intentions of the movie, and the genuinely good real-life story…

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