Our Stories

May the Stories below inspire you and fill your hearts with great joy! God has brought us together to be part of this amazing Catholic Community. In this Diocese, we will preserve The Church! May we continue to honor Him with our lives!

The McCann Family

Glory to Jesus Christ! We are the McCann family, and we moved to Tyler in October 2022. We came all the way from Canada, which has become increasingly secular and anti-Christian since 2020 to the point that thousands upon thousands of Canadians have fled to the US, or to other parts of the world. In particular, the Catholic Church in Canada is under intense persecution, and those of us who cling to the traditions of the Faith (e.g. the Traditional Latin Mass) have been pushed to the fringes of Canadian society. When we first learned about the Diocese of Tyler, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing – a vibrant, growing Catholic community, with all aspects of the Faith, both traditional and modern, being celebrated and encouraged. READ MORE

The Toliver Family

Independence Day – July 4th, 2021, the Tolivers, made final preparations and loaded the last of our belongings in our minivan. We left our family, friends, community, and life for a new opportunity in a new state, Texas. There was something powerful about hitting the open road on our nation’s Independence Day.

After living our lives in California, we finally had hit a threshold of what we were willing to accept in our lives, and sadly we knew that the economic, political, and social climate of California was no longer what it used to be in its former “glory years” and we were literally pushed out of the state. During the last 20 years or so, California has slowly deteriorated. And while we were aware of many social changes, our particular area north of the city of San Diego remained a READ MORE

The Vandenbroeks

After we had both retired, we were living in Ontario, Canada in what we had anticipated would be our final home. In the ensuing ten years we had spent many happy times with my five sisters and their extended families, with friends, and with my daughter; but some division always encroached over politics and/or religion. The arrival of the “Pandemic” was our wakeup call! In the early weeks of the shutdowns and mask-ups, we went along with the guidelines, but soon began to question the truth of the many suggested remedies. When our family of parishes closed the doors of our churches and denied the sacraments to most everyone, we decided to look for a surviving community of Catholics.  READ MORE

The Schorr Family

As an Air Force brat and then a Navy wife, most of my Catholic experience was through the Military Ordinariate wherever we lived. My father spent 20 years as an Air Force officer, living all over the world. Then, when my husband retired after a 22-year Navy career as a Navy Submarine officer, we had the good fortune to choose Tyler, Texas! We experienced the blessings of being membesr of the Cathedral parish of the Immaculate Conception, and I also experienced the blessings of working as a nurse at a wonderful Catholic hospital, Christus Trinity Mother Frances. I have lived in Tyler for the past 33 years. God has saved the best for last for our family and we are grateful for every minute!

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