Thursday Trekkers

We Are Launching Our Weekly Walk/Run ~ January 5, 2023~ Noon

At noon, we’ll meet at the bottom of the front steps of Fresh on Jacksonville Highway to pray the Angelus, then everyone will take off at their own pace. Women, men, children, strollers… everyone is welcome.  

At 1:00 pm, we’ll meet back up at Fresh and have lunch/coffee on their beautiful front deck. There are restrooms there, a playground for kids, and a counter where you can order lunch. There’s a sushi case inside, too.  

We meet weekly rain or shine. If the weather is prohibitive, we’ll just have lunch under the cover of the deck. We’ll always meet, but lightning in the area means we stay under the roof.

If you’re faithful to your body and go at your own true speed, you will naturally find others at your pace, but if you reach too far beyond your natural pace just to stay with someone else, you may get discouraged (or injured.) If there is no one else at your pace, be assured that the Legacy Trail is safe and well-populated. If you’re late, just start off on your walk and you’ll catch someone.

The trailhead is 1/4 mile south of Fresh, on the west side of Jacksonville Highway. From Fresh, take the sidewalk south one block, just past the traffic light at Three Lakes Parkway and you’ll see the trailhead on your right. It’s paved, straight and flat. There are quarter-mile markers posted.  

Please share with anyone you think might be interested. Hope to see you on Thursday!